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Terms of Service

Askbot, S.p.A. (referred thereafter as Askbot) offers to it's customers hosting of Question and Answer forums.

A free evaluation period is 1 month, after one month, if the subscription is not made, the site may be removed without a notice.

Data posted to any Askbot-hosted site belongs to the customer that created said site. Full data dump may be downloaded or requested by the site creator and, if requested from Askbot via email or telephone shall be delivered within five business days. Data dump will be readily usable by a self-hosted instance of Askbot software.

Askbot does not pass any personal data to third parties. Site owners are solely responsible for displaying any of the data published at an Askbot site by the site users.

In the case of cancelation, site creator receives refund in the amount unused balance.

Askbot, S.p.A. reserves the right to refuse service to individuals or organizations creating sites with the purpose of publishing spam links, or performing or promoting any illegal activity. Such sites will be removed without notice.